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Cloud Property Management System

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Just imagine checking in a guest at your hotel using a property management system that automatically populates guests' data into the folio, captures guests' signatures electronically, and secures guests' payments without your having to handle their credit cards.

You'll also enjoy setting rules for a range of markets for channel manager reservations, walk-ins, check-ins, renewals and check-out.

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Because Gearco's background stems from the extended stay market, we've added similar features for our hotel market. So for guests extending their stay, you can take advantage of our True Extended Stay features.

Here's a sample feature set— managing extended stay overs, automated long-term tax management, late fees on over due rent, deposit controls, advance payment collections, and more.

Gearco Cloud Paper ID Capture

Capture the photo for each adult per room.

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Hotelgears© Feature Overview

Accrual or Cash basis methods — Support for both Accrual or Cash basis accounting. Use Accrual basis if you require the daily portion of room rent to be posted nightly and/or is due upon check out. Use Cash basis if you require total rent to be prepaid and posted immediately upon a check in or renewal.

Accounting methodologies — Gearco supports both accrual and cash based revenue accounting. You can simply run reports to access accounting postings or use the configured chart of accounts to export or integrate daily GL entries. Enterprise class companies may use a shared master chart of accounts with support for individual property account overrides. This allows your properties to operate based on the same set of policies and procedures regardless of the accounting method.

Unlimited folio history — no set limit to amount of folio history for a guest's stay. Currently, Gearco's longest active folio is more than 17+ years for a single stay with complete history. Also, history and tracking is retained on each associated secondary guest.

Multiple stay folio history — upon departure, folio history is retained for an agreed upon time-frame. Multiple stays are tracked by the same customer profile without issuing member IDs. Based on your rules and DNR requirements, folio history maybe used to collect lost revenue from previous stays.

Tax management — Tax management is posting of city, state, local, or exempted taxes and they are completely handled by Gearco. Taxes are automated so your front-desk never has to manually calculate or stop taxes during a room transaction. Based on length of stay, type of transaction, and tax type, taxes will automatically calculate, start, and stop based on the tax account settings. Including Online Travel Company Tax (OTC), the additional taxes are to be reported and remitted by lodging operators to the state and local governments. We continuously receive positive feedback from tax audits and auditors.

Rate Matrix pricing rules — automated real-time dynamic rate rules based on complex rate plans and occupancy levels. Great for specialized conditional rates by selective guests, companies, special conditions, and market demand.

CLC Lodging support — easy pricing, reporting and membership capture for guest members of the CLC Lodging program.

Customize Invoices for local and federal government agencies — Produce automated custom invoices to comply with agency requirements for line-items terms, pricing, and contact delivery. Stay in compliance and get paid faster.

Be more organized with Smart Tags — Tag any item in the cloud like guests, folios, and rooms to organize them, track them, handle follow-ups, trigger charges, create work-flows, or apply business rules for reporting.

Automatic Surcharge rules — auto-post items to the folio based on a set of rules. For example, save on credit card fees by auto-posting a 1% charge for credit card transaction; which may be limited to all renewals vs check-ins.

Debt collection — with our multi-stay tracking, you can collect outstanding debt from previous stays and prevent new check-ins until debt is paid.

Theft prevention assistance — control when, how, and why rates are calculated based on stay dates, rate plans, and date locking. The extended stay rent roll manages dates — not the front desk. Any change requires void rules or select permissions and are always tracked by audit logs.

DNR Manager — DNR (do not rent) manager tracks and prevents future rentals from unwanted customers, or assists with collections on previous balances.

Dual market mix rules — configure your property to logically operate as a mixed True Extended Stay and Hotel blend based on room type or rate plan. This allows market rules and procedures to be enforced based on the room classification and/or how the rate plan is valued.

Task work orders — create and work tasks for any job. Use tasks to simplify communicating jobs with your maintenance teams.

Global Tracking Accounts — tag then track non-paying guests across your entire brand, for events like COVID-19, while gaining insight on the impact of lost or gained revenue.

Gearco reporting — with over 100+ reports available, you can manage with ease. Use gcManager, the management reporting console, to access management level reporting with property consolidated options and advanced parameter selections, and various formats — Screen, PDF, Excel, and more.

Enhanced security — security options that support application access, computer access, network access, and credit card vault transaction use.

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Easily manage your operations from the gcManager console.

Availability Calendar

Quickly find availability by occupancy or room type with a single click.

Folio Details

Simply view complete folio history with options to transact, adjust, void, and more.

Cloud Ops

Connect apps that automates interactions and services between your front desk and operations teams.

Cloud Paper

Capture digital guest photos and signatures on registration documents and purchase receipts.

Cloud CC

Take advantage of integrated secure PCI EMV and tokenization credit card processing.

Gearco Cloud CC Credit Card Vault

Protect your guests with confidence. Securely stored credit card data that meets PCI compliancy with minimal effort from your staff.

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